A desirable destination

Canada is one of the most desirable destinations for immigrants. Since 1994, Canada has been ranked in the top ten places to live in the world. Consistently recognized for its high standard of living, low mortality rate, good education and health system, low crime rate and beauty, Canada is also known to be a country for new immigrants.

Standard of living

Canadians enjoy amongst the highest standard of living in the world with almost 70 percent of Canadians owning their own homes and an even larger percentage owning automobiles, appliances, and electronics.

Health Care

All permanent residents and citizens of Canada enjoy access to a publicly-funded health care system that guarantees coverage for medically necessary services no matter where one lives in the country and regardless of income level.


Spanning from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, Canada boasts some of the most beautiful and diverse geology of any country in the world. A lush pacific coastline, rugged Rocky Mountains, wide open prairies and the wild and beautiful Atlantic provinces, Canada has it all. There are 42 national parks and more than 2000 designated provincial parks, wilderness areas, ecological and nature reserves across the country.

A safe place to live

Canada prides itself as a country with relatively little violence. Firearms are strictly controlled under the Firearms Act and every firearm must be registered. It is illegal to own or use a gun without a valid Firearms license.

A welcoming environment

Canada is home to almost all of the world’s ethnic groups. As such, a wide variety of ethnic food is readily available and a multitude of ethnic clubs and associations are easily accessible. Canada values immigrants and recognizes the role they play to ensure the country’s economic and social prosperity. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has increased the target range of new permanent residents and new measures are in place to facilitate the hiring of temporary foreign workers.

In addition to the immigration of skilled workers, there are many foreigners wanting to immigrate to Canada to start a business, make investments, study, work in low skilled jobs or as a live-in caregiver or simply make a better life for their family.

What is Arranged Employment?

Arranged Employment is an offer of permanent employment from a Canadian employer. There are options for those currently working temporarily in Canada and for those applying from outside Canada.

What is an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO)?

Individuals applying from outside Canada require a genuine job offer made by a Canadian company. This Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) supports your Skilled Worker Program (SWP) application. It does NOT make you eligible to immigrate, rather it provides additional points to your point score assessment and speeds up your application by placing you in the Priority Processing queue. The immigration processing time may be reduced from 6 years to as little as 6 months.